Board of Directors

The board of directors at Lakeview College of Nursing has the legal responsibility for the operation of the College, its property and business affairs with full, final and complete authority in all vents, subject to the lawful regulation, review, and approval of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. General powers of the board of directors include establishing policies to govern the institution and to delegate authority and responsibility to the administration and faculty. The LCN board of directors is responsible for reviewing policies, maintaining resources, and enhancing the development of the College and its educational program. Board of directors members represent the community at large. Membership is as follows:


Diane Buss, RN, MS, Chair
William Hensold, MD, Vice Chair
Susan Stratman, MS Ed, JD, Treasurer
Rachel Heron, Secretary


Ron Crick, MBA
Jo-Mel Labayog, MD
Judy Myers
Judd Peck, JD
Nan Perry, MAS
Connie Schroeder, MSN, RN
Pam Taylor, RN
Richard VanBurke, DDS