Lakeview 100 Years of Caring Book

This book covers the first 100 years of Lakeview history (1894 - 1994).  Special thanks to the Alumni Centennial Committee for putting this together.



Danville Training School (DTS) for nurses was founded in November of 1894 as a hospital-based school and graduated the first class of four students in 1896. In the 1890s and early 1900s, students entered school under a three month probationary status, and the course of study was two years. Later the curriculum was changed to three years, with two months of initial probation. The applicants were single, white females, between nineteen and thirty years of age.

1911 - 1937 Initial Charter

Admission requirements for student nurses entering DTS in the 1920s included two years of high school and a letter of recommendation from their pastor. In the 1930s, the admission requirements changed to include a high school diploma. The age limit was extended to include single, white females up to the age of thirty-five. The State of Illinois initially approved the diploma program in 1911, the first year the State began recording approval actions. The program was formally certified by the State in 1937, when certificates were first awarded.


During World War II, the Cadet Nurse Corps was established. This was a government program and was designed to encourage young women to enter nursing schools to alleviate the shortage of graduate nurses. These students were provided with tuition, uniforms, books, and a monthly stipend of five dollars. The tuition at this time was fifty dollars per year, including room and board. Many of the students enrolled in Lakeview Hospital School of Nursing during the early 1940s participated in the program. In response to the national demand for Registered Nurses, Lakeview Hospital School of Nursing began admitting two classes of students per year. Recognizing that the benefits of college experience for students included socialization, convenience of location and access to recognized courses in the liberal arts and sciences, Lakeview Hospital School of Nursing established an affiliation in the 1940s with Illinois Teachers' College in Charleston, Illinois, now known as Eastern Illinois University. Instructors from Eastern came to Danville and presented courses on-site for the convenience of the students.


An affiliation between Lakeview Hospital School of Nursing and Danville Junior College, now Danville Area Community College, was initiated in the 1950s for the community college to provide the lower division general education courses. Students were able to complete specific classes that formed a solid foundation for courses in nursing. The affiliations between the College of Nursing, Eastern Illinois University, and Danville Area Community College continue to date by contractual arrangements.


In the 1960s, Lakeview Memorial Hospital School of Nursing admitted the first female student who had been married, but was widowed with two small children. It was approximately at the same time that the first male student was admitted. During the late 1960s black female students were first admitted.


In 1971, the diploma program offered by Lakeview was fully accredited by the National League for Nursing. Nationwide, however, during the past twenty years, many programs of nursing education were integrated into the general system of education at the baccalaureate and associate degree levels.


In 1984, responding to changes in healthcare and in the profession, representatives of the Lakeview faculty and the community implemented a Nursing Education Feasibility Study. This culminated in the recommendation that Lakeview Medical Center School of Nursing consider changing to a degree granting institution at the baccalaureate level: with a name change to Lakeview College of Nursing. The College was granted approval to establish a baccalaureate nursing program by the State of Illinois, Department of Registration and Education in September 1987. In 1988, the College became an independent not-for-profit corporation [501 (c) (3)] at which time the Board committed itself to mission achievement through effective strategic planning and program implementation, thus the institution is financially stable and will continue to achieve its mission for the foreseeable future. At this time Lakeview College of Nursing began to offer a baccalaureate degree in nursing to students who successfully completed a prescribed four-year course of study. The graduates of Lakeview are eligible to apply for the examination for licensure. Graduates are also eligible to apply for, and are encouraged throughout their academic career, to plan on continuing their education at the graduate level. The Webster Memorial Home was established to provide living quarters for elderly women and was donated to Lakeview Memorial Foundation. Lakeview Memorial Foundation accepted the building, in 1988, for use by the College.


In 1993, an imposing brick addition to the Webster Home was completed. The funds for the construction of the new addition came from Lakeview Memorial Foundation. The entire building is now the home of Lakeview College of Nursing and is functioning effectively. A progressive long-term development plan was formulated by the Planning and Development Committee of the Board of Directors. In 1999, Lakeview College of Nursing entered a contractual agreement with the newly developed Associate Degree in Nursing program at Danville Area Community College in order to provide instruction for the second year of their nursing program.


At the start of the new millennium, Lakeview College of Nursing developed a contractual agreement with Eastern Illinois University to bring the Lakeview College of Nursing Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing program to Charleston. Students began to attend classes on the EIU campus in Fall 2001. These students graduated as the first group from this location in Spring 2003. A new contractual agreement was formed with Danville Area Community College whereby DACC began providing administrative services to Lakeview College of Nursing in the Spring of 2002.  In the fall of 2006 a building project began on the Danville Campus to provide two additional classrooms and a student study area to better serve the college's growing enrollment.  By the fall of 2007 the Danville Campus building expansion was complete and a building at 580 W. Lincoln Ave. in Charleston was purchased to provide a nursing arts lab, faculty offices and an auxilliary classroom to the LCN-EIU students.


An Independent Colleges Capital Improvement (ICCAP) grant was sought and secured in July of 2010 through the Illinois Department of Higher Education in order to provide expansion to the current Charleston facility through two phases. Construction began in November of 2010 for the first phase. Completion of the first phase which included the addition of a student study area, a main office and necessary ancillary space (restrooms, mechanical room, etc.) as well as the remodeling of a current classroom occurred by the beginning of the Fall semester 2011.  The second phase of the construction was completed in December 2012.  This phase consisted of a new classroom, a new conference area, and the structure for a new nursing skills lab.  The third phase of this project began in the Spring of 2013 and focused on renovating faculty office space as well as completing the new nursing skills lab.  This project was complete by the Fall 2013 semester.  During the summer of 2014, a new computer lab was constructed and implemented for use by the Fall 2014 semester at the Charleston location.