I came to Lakeview College of Nursing as a transfer student (from another nursing program). In coming to a new program, I did not know what to expect but the transition has been a pretty positive one. The entire faculty, staff, and other students have been friendly, welcoming, and are here for our success. I moved to Danville in the winter (although, mild I have been told) and having lived in sun and 75 degree weather all my life, it was quite a shock to say the least. But I survived and had my best semester ever and am now in my final semester and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot wait to graduate, become a nurse, and start working! This has been such a great learning and life experience for me. Things that I have learned are to push myself academically, the art of communication in being away from loved ones, the freedom of independence, and the discovery of a new state. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that I would be attending school in the Midwest. I will always remember the beauty and serenity of the vast farm land - - this is as American as it gets. I will be able to look back and say I lived in Illinois and experienced the four seasons (San Diego does not get much snow). Being here and interacting with a population different than what I have been exposed to, is going to make me a better nurse. I will have the ability to have a broad perspective and a more open mind for the patients I will care for. I have also learned to believe in myself, to be adaptable, that it is OK to ask for help, and to not be afraid of change. I will always look fondly on my experience here at Lakeview College of Nursing. I have made new memories and friendships that I hope will last a lifetime. When I become a nurse I hope that I will make Lakeview proud!


I have wanted to become a Registered Nurse for as long as I can remember. Thanks to Lakeview College of Nursing my dream is getting closer to becoming a reality. I have been a student at Lakeview since Fall 2004. I will graduate in May 2006 . I feel very fortunate to be able to attend college so close to home. I have had many excellent instructors while attending Lakeview. They not only want their students to succeed, but they will do anything to help their students. There are many nursing schools in the United States today. Lakeview is in a different class because of the instructors they employ. These instructors have made me strive to be the best I can be.


I am currently in my second semester at Lakeview and although it has been stressful I have really enjoyed being in the program. The rumors about the first semester are true, but you pull through and things just seem to fall into place. The classes aren't easy but they aren't supposed to be because we are training to be responsible for human lives. The thought of being out on my own taking care of patients is a little overwhelming at times, but the instructors at Lakeview are very supportive, informational and truly care about their students getting as much out of the program as we can. Also, the instructors don't just teach, some take time to get to know you and that always makes me feel more relaxed because they see you as a person with other obligations rather than just a student. They understand that their class is not the only focus in your life and remember that they were there too at one point or another. Along with the knowledge about nursing that I will take with me, I have also met wonderful classmates who I believe will be dear friends for the rest of my life regardless of where we all end up when we graduate. As with anything you do in life there are going to be complaints about it, but Lakeview really does try to make students as comfortable as possible and I think any student who chose to attend this school would walk away with a lot!

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