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Application Processes

Application Processes for Degree-Seeking Students

Fall Deadlines (Processing Begins January 15th) 

*Early Decision - March 1, Regular Decision - April 1

Spring Deadlines (Processing Begins June 15th)

*Early Decision - August 1, Regular Decision - September 1

*Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale may apply for an early decision.

The following are the steps required to make a full application:  

  1. A completed admission application form.
  2. One (1) copy of a personal composition of 150-250 words addressing your view of nursing and professional goals and why you wish to pursue a BSN degree.
  3. If currently enrolled, submit a current course schedule along with a plan for completing any remaining prerequisite coursework (official transcript evaluation will reflect future plans of completing required prerequisites).
  4. Two (2) reference forms from a recent employer or an educator.  References from relatives or personal friends will not be accepted.  Reference letters/forms become the property of LCN.
  5. $30 non-refundable fee payable to Lakeview College of Nursing. 
  6. Official transcripts from each individual college institution attended.  Paper and electronic transcripts are accepted. International transcripts and credentials must be translated into English with letter grades through a foreign evaluation service.
  7. LPNs and RNs applying for admission must also submit a copy of their current Illinois nursing license.

All applicants will receive an e-mail confirmation after their application has been received and processed.  With this e-mail, additional information regarding our program will be provided as well as a transcript evaluation, if transcripts have been received.   

All documents submitted to Lakeview College of Nursing for admission or transfer purposes become the property of the College. Transcripts from other institutions will not be released to a student, nor will they be forwarded to other educational institutions or agencies unless specified by state or federal regulation.  A student needing copies of documents from other institutions must contact those institutions directly.

Application Processes for Students Trasferring from Another Nursing Program

Applicants that have attended another nursing program need to provide the additional information at the time of application: 

  1. One (1) of the two (2) required references must be from the Dean/Director/Chair or faculty member of the program from which was attended.
  2. Only nursing courses with a grade of “B” or better will be considered for transfer.  Applicants must provide course syllabi for any nursing class they are seeking to  transfer.
  3. If the transfer applicant has attended a nursing program that offers Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), Kaplan, or Health Education Systems, Inc. (HESI) testing, he/she should submit copies of their testing results.

Application Process for Non-Degree Seeking Students

Students wishing to take Chemistry, Statistics or Medical Terminology as a non-degree student can fill out the non-degree application indicating exactly which class(s) they are wanting to take as listed on the application.  Once the non-degree application has been processed and the student has been registered, an e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the application.  Students enrolled as non-degree seeking will not be eligible for financial aid.