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A message from the President

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I'd like to welcome you to Lakeview College of Nursing and thank you for choosing us for your educational journey in nursing. The College has a proud tradition of preparing nurses for professional practice for over 120 years. Our faculty are highly educated and skilled in helping you to reach your goal in becoming a baccalaureate prepared nurse. The curriculum is designed to prepare you for beginning professional nursing practice. I realize this time is as important in the lives of students as it is for those who support and encourage your academic growth, and I am confident that your journey at Lakeview College of Nursing will reveal unimagined strengths and opportunities. I wish you well on your educational journey.  I am truly looking forward to meeting each of you and celebrating in your academic success as you walk across the stage at our graduation ceremony.

Welcome to Lakeview College of Nursing,

Sheila Mingee, MBA, MSEd
College President

A message from the Dean of Nursing

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I want to extend a very warm welcome to you from Lakeview and me as you start or continue your journey. Congratulations on your decision to come to Lakeview College of Nursing. You have an opportunity to become part of a profession that will give back to you as much or more than you contribute. As nursing is steeped in tradition and history, it is very progressive in content and practice. As a career, you will find it offers flexibility and stability. Graduates from Lakeview are practicing in all areas of nursing all over the country, serving on the front lines in health care, implementing change, and promoting progress in the delivery of health care. Our campuses offer you a wide array of experiences and an extremely competent faculty to assist you as you work toward becoming a baccalaureate prepared Registered Professional Nurse. Please use the resources available, take the time to familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures, and get to know the faculty and staff.

We all believe in you!

Catherine Moe, EdD, RN, CNE
Dean of Nursing