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Readmission Policy

A student who has academically been dismissed or who has withdrawn from the nursing program may apply for readmission. The readmission policies are:

  1. A student’s application for readmission may be reviewed by the Admission Committee no more than two (2) times. If readmission is not granted after the second application, the student becomes ineligible for readmission.
  2. If health concerns are a factor for the student leaving the College, then documentation for ability to continue in the program must be provided with readmission paperwork.
  3. A student may only be readmitted into Lakeview College of Nursing once.
  4. A student must meet all current readmission criteria.
  5. A student repeating a clinical nursing course must repeat both the theory and clinical components of the course.
  6. A student that is readmitted into Lakeview College of Nursing is required to meet the readmission course progression requirements.  Any LCN classes that are being repeated due to a previous failure or withdraw must be passed with a “C” or higher with the exception of N210: Foundations of Professional Practice must be passed with an “A” or “B”. In order to remain in the program a student cannot withdraw or fail any of these courses for which they have been previously enrolled.
  7. A readmitted student is allowed to withdraw from one class that has not previously been taken.  The remainder of the coursework must be passed with a “C” or higher with the exception of N210 Foundations of Nursing Practice, which must be passed with an “A” or “B”, and must follow the guidelines included within the Student Academic Progression (SAP) policy.
  8. Graduation requirements must also be met.

The Admission Committee must approve any exceptions to the above policies.

Steps for Readmission

A student who has been academically dismissed or who has withdrawn from the Nursing Program and would like to seek readmission must submit items listed below to the Director of Enrollment according to the following schedule:

  • Readmission for the next semester (e.g. a student is dismissed from the spring semester and would like to be readmitted for the summer semester)

    • 7 days from the last day of the semester in which the student was dismissed

  • Readmission for a future semester (e.g. a student is dismissed from the spring semester and plans to sit out the summer semester and return for the fall semester)

    1. July 1 – Fall Semester

    2. November 1 - Spring Semester

    3. April 1 – Summer Semester

The following items will be required:

  1. A completed readmission application form.

  2. Recommendations from:

    1. Two (2) Lakeview Nursing Faculty who have taught the student in class or clinical and

    2. One (1) additional professional recommendation.

    Follow instructions on the Faculty Reference forms and submit them to the Registrar by due dates.

  3. Letter addressed to the Admissions Committee requesting readmission into (semester, year). Within the letter a developed action plan for success consisting of:

    1. Description of the reason(s) leaving the program

    2. Analysis of factors that led to this outcome

    3. Goals to be accomplished during your remaining time at Lakeview College of Nursing  

    4. Plan of action to meet your goal(s); be specific.

The student will be notified by e-mail the date they will need to meet with the Admission Committee. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure Lakeview has the correct contact information.  

Readmission into Lakeview College of Nursing will be dependent on the clinical space available to accommodate additional students. If the number of applicants exceeds available space, the decision will be based on LCN GPA, admissions GPA, admissions science GPA, and academic history of coursework previously taken at Lakeview College of Nursing and applicants may be deferred to a subsequent semester.

Re-admitted students will be required to update their criminal background check and drug screen before the first day of class if enrollment in the program has not been continuous (i.e. if they have not been enrolled at Lakeview for one or more semesters). Check with the Records Office regarding whether immunizations, TB skin test, and/or CPR certification will be required.