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Hazardous Materials Incident

Chemical agents are poisonous gases, liquids or solids that have toxic effects on people, animals or plants. Biological agents are organisms or toxins that have illness-producing effects on people, livestock and crops. Both can be extremely dangerous if not handled properly.

The procedures below discuss general safety measures to be taken in case hazardous materials are released into a classroom/office environment.

DO NOT try to clean up a spill unless you are trained to do so.

If you believe your area is unsafe, evacuate immediately.

  • Isolate the area. Secure area, if possible.
  • Ask exposed individuals to remain nearby until emergency responders arrive. Decontamination may be necessary.

Account for everyone in the room at an appropriate reassembly point outside the building.

Multiple victims? Their collective presence may indicate continuing danger.

  • Approach with caution, and evaluate your surroundings.
  • Is the scene/environment safe? If there is any doubt, do not approach. You may become the next victim.

Once safely removed from area of spill, you should report the spill or incident involving hazardous materials by calling 911 (8-911 from a College telephone).

  • Provide location of spill.
  • Be prepared to offer details, if known: identification of the spilled/released product, approximate amount of material involved, injuries, any identifiable reaction, identification of those who came in contact with spilled substance, etc. Also, is the material actively being released, or has it slowed/stopped?