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Psychological Crisis / Suicide Threat

In the event of threatening behavior which appears to represent an immediate threat to self or others, contact Vicky Welge at 217-709-0920 during office hours or the Police at 911.

When reporting an incident to authorities:

  • Provide address and location description.
  • Provide the phone number at your location.
  • Explain the situation to the dispatcher in detail.
  • Describe actions taken (i.e., medication, type and amount given), if any.


  • Take all statements and behaviors seriously.
  • It is better to overreact than to not do enough; a person’s life may be at risk.
  • Immediately report your concern that a person may be suicidal. Timeliness in reporting the concern is vital.
  • Always keep your own safety in mind.
  • People who contemplate or attempt suicide are people whose pain has become greater than their resources for coping with the pain.
  • Engaging the person in professional help to develop their resources for coping is most appropriate.

Contact the LCN Behavior Intervention Team to consult about your concerns: 

         Vicky Welge at 217-709-0939 or 217-709-0920 (after-hours call 911)