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Payment of Tuition and Fees

Accounts are due and payable in full on or before the date specified on the semester invoice, in accordance with the academic calendar. Students Account Statements are mailed once. Thereafter, students may log into their online student account (SONIS) to view their account statements. Students who do not pay in full, enroll in the tuition payment plan, and/or demonstrate approved financial aid coverage before the date specified will be dropped from all courses. Any funding sources received on the student's behalf, and processed by Lakeview College of Nursing, shall first be applied to any outstanding current balance for tuition, fees and books.

Payment methods:

  • Cash, check, debit/credit card.
  • Established third-party payment agreement (such as College Illinois, Veterans Benefits, WIA, Vocational Rehab, etc.).
  • Utilization of the Nelnet Business Solutions (NBS), formerly FACTS, tuition payment plan (enrollment fee applies). To enroll in the NBS Payment Plan please complete the form located on their website: You will need the balance due and student ID number to complete the form. Please contact the cashier at 217-709-0922 or if you have any questions. Students must maintain prompt monthly payments to be eligible for continued payments through NBS.
  • Confirmation of approved private educational loan from the Financial Aid Office.
  • Authorized financial aid (completed and verified file) and/or scholarship award at a level to fully cover tuition and fee costs. Please refer to the Financial Aid section for more information. Students must use financial aid for the intended semester. Students cannot use current semester loan monies for a previous semester.

All fiscal obligations must be cleared prior to registration for a subsequent term and prior to graduation on both campuses. Failure to clear financial obligations will result in your ability to progress, or holding of diploma, transcripts, and Certification of Education form sent to the State by the College which allows you to sit for the NCLEX examination.