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Grade and Grading System

Grades are issued at the end of each semester. The requirements for obtaining the course grade will be stated in each course syllabus.  If there is a question, the student is responsible for clarifying the instructor’s expectations.

Grading Scale

The grades given in LCN courses are as follows:




Grade Point Value






















Withdrew - No Grade
























Satisfactory (Clinical)




Unsatisfactory (Clinical)



No grade will be rounded.

All students must earn at least a “77%=C” average on all exams to pass the course, except N210 Foundations of Professional Practice an “85%=B” must be earned. Test averages are calculated prior to adding in papers, projects or other non-exam scores. If the average is less than a “77%=C” or “85%=B” for N210, the student earns the test average for the course.  If the student’s test average is “77%=C” or “85% =B” or greater, all of the remaining course assignments are calculated into the final grade. Students who do not earn a C in all courses except a "B" in N210 when exams are averaged fail the course, regardless of the grades on the other non-exam course activities.

In a nursing course that contains laboratory and/or clinical components, a student must earn a grade of at least “77%=C” in theory, except N210 Foundations of Professional Practice an “85%=B” must be earned and “77%=C or S” (satisfactory) in the laboratory/clinical components to receive degree credit for the course. If the student’s clinical grade is satisfactory, the grade for the course is the theory grade. An unsatisfactory clinical performance results in failure or an “F” grade for the course.

No extra credit will be provided for students to raise their grade.

Students cannot earn more than a 100% on any assignment or exam in any course.

Student letter grades will be determined by the whole number, no rounding is used. Therefore if a student earns a 76.9 the grade earned is a 76. If a student receives an 84.5 the student receives an 84.

All LCN grades and all semester hours count on the student’s grade point average in determining scholastic eligibility to remain in the College.

Grade Reports

Grades are issued at the end of each semester.  Students may review their grades through the SONIS system. No grades will be given out by the Registrar’s Office over the phone or by e-mail, in accordance with the Family and Educational Right to Privacy Act of 1974. Official grades are in SONIS.

Incomplete Grades

An incomplete grade may be requested by a student with the approval of the Dean of Nursing when a student is unable to complete the coursework because of illness, serious injury or other circumstances beyond the student's control.  An "I" may be assigned if at least three quarters of the course has been completed within the term grading period and the student has maintained a consistent rate of progress in the course.  Failure to appear for a final exam or to complete coursework in the time allowed is not justification for an incomplete. The Course Coordinator will complete Section 1 of the Incomplete Grade Record which identifies the reason for the incomplete.

The Course Coordinator will complete the incomplete form after the last day of class; set the date for completion within a 30 day time limit; and, will distribute the form to the Registrar and Financial Aid Office.  The student and Course Coordinator will also retain copies.

An incomplete grade must be removed no later than 30 days after the course has ended.  Students who do not complete the course in the designated time will receive a grade of "F" which will be recorded on the student's transcript.  Any course with an incomplete grade that is a prerequisite for another nursing course must be completed before starting in the course. The due date for removal of the incomplete grade "I" must be met whether or not the student is currently enrolled in College courses. In the event the Course Coordinator from whom a student receives an incomplete grade "I" is not on campus, the disposition of the grade will be made by the Dean.

Grade Appeal

The basis for filing a grade appeal in a course is limited to: 1) fundamental fairness in treatment of the student by the instructor, as specified by the syllabus and 2) inconsistency in grading by the instructor relative to other students in the same course and section.  Issues that do not meet these criteria are not appropriate for a grade appeal.  Final course grades may not be appealed.

A student may appeal a grade by using the following procedures.  Written verification of each step below is critical to promote a thorough review. 

Step 1: Within three (3) calendar days after the grade was submitted in Edvance 360, or sooner if possible, the student shall meet with the instructor to discuss the concerns and provide the instructor a completed appeal form in writing, and with a copy to the Dean. (Grade Appeal Form is located on website under Student Tab then under Forms.)

Step 2: Within five (5) calendar days from the date of receipt of the student's written statement, the instructor shall respond to the student in writing with a copy to the Dean. The instructor should explain the grading procedures and how the grade in question was determined and address other issues raised in the student's statement. 

Step 3: If the grade appeal is not resolved within three (3) calendar days from the date of the receipt of the instructor’s written statement, the student may submit an appeal to faculty. 

Step 4: The Faculty Organization/Student Affairs Committee will review and decide on the Grade Appeal. The Committee’s decision is final.

Step 5: The Faculty Organization/Student Affairs Committee Chair will notify the student in writing of the Committee’s decision within five (5) calendar days of the submitted appeal.