Fall Dean's List

Congratulations to all students who were named to the Dean's List for this semester!  Those students who achieved this status and gave consent for their names to be publicized are as follows: 

Arendt, Russell

Berry, Erica

Cheetham, Carol Ann

Davis, Alysia

Fritts, Tory

Garza, Gina

Hardin, Dwight

Harris, Emily

Huerta, Raquel

Iudiciani, Shelby

Krumwiede, Shelley

Little, Alaina

Markel, Hannah

Nelson, Timothy

Ni, Ching-Lin

Patel, Nimisha

Ridle, Paula

Stark, Andrea

Taylor, Dawn

Tuggle, Kimberly

Veenhuis, Macall

Ward, LaKeisha

Wolfe-Atkinson, Erin

Wright, Taylor

Xiong, Jonathan

Zuniga, Richard