2013 Summer Dean's List

Congratulations to all students who were named to the Dean's List for this semester!  Those students who achieved this status and gave consent for their names to be publicized are as follows: 

Arendt, Russell

Asklund, Sarah

Backlin, Zachary

Banion, Alisha

Berry, Erica

Buie, Pascha

Cheetham, Carol Ann

Corray, Jace

Cronley, Kelly

Cross, Summer

Dowers, Miranda

Draeger, Kelsey

Firmand, Jacqueline

Free, Kari

Fritts, Tory

Garza, Gina

Gonzalez, Stephanie

Halley, Lacy

Hensold, Janelle

Huerta, Raquel

Hume, Lauren

Iudiciani, Shelby

Johnson, Megan

Kruizenga, Britny

Krumwiede, Shelley

Liggett, Kaylee

Little, Alaina

Madden, Patricia

Moon, Crystal

Musaj, Gjelberime

Ontiveros, Diana

Peredes, Amy

Patel, Nehali

Ridl, Paula

Stark, Andrea

Stoerger, Kendra

Toledo, Judy

Tucker, Tia

Ward, Megan

Ward, LaKeisha

Wolfe-Atkinson, Erin

Workman, Erika

Zerrusen, Kathryn

Zumbahlen, Kylie