Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) with varying levels of experience are welcome to pursue our BSN degree.  We give credit for your previous education and skills through proficiency options.

Proficiency Exams – Preliminary Courses

The Director of Enrollment in consultation with the Dean of Nursing will determine whether general education/prerequisite courses meet LCN’s requirements.  Applicants may wish to proficiency or CLEP coursework taken prior to the 5 year cut off for the sciences (Chemistry I or Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry II or Organic/Biochemistry, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, and Microbiology).  Lakeview offers proficiency tests for these courses.  Please check our tuition and fees section for information regarding the cost of these tests.

Nursing Course Descriptions and Schedule

Our current nursing course schedule and/or course descriptions can be viewed through our student information system.  Be sure to select the semester and year that interest you and click the course number to view the course description.

Proficiency Exams – Nursing Courses

LPNs must provide a copy of their LPN State licensure and pass a skills test to be exempt from the N210:  Foundations of Nursing Practice.  A proficiency exam is also available for the N202: Basic Concepts of Pathophysiology.  Please check the tuition and fees section for information regarding the cost of these tests.  

Portfolio Options

A licensed LPN who graduated from an accredited Nursing Program, has a minimum of 3 years of nursing experience, and is fully admitted to the nursing program at LCN may receive credit by portfolio for one of the following clinical courses:  N305 Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family, N308 Nursing of the Childbearing Family, N309 Nursing Care of the Gerontological Client, or N310 Nursing Care of the Mental Health Client.  The course chosen should be the one most appropriate based on previous nursing experience.  Approval from the course coordinator must be obtained prior to initiating a portfolio. After meeting the above criteria, the student will be required to do the following:

  1. Make an appointment with the course coordinator for the identified course. The student will receive the course materials and objectives to be used in creating a portfolio.
  2. Submit a portfolio containing the following:
    1. A specific description of how each of the course objectives was met in the work setting. The description should address both clinical skill and application of theory. Evidence, where appropriate, must also be included.
    2. The year and setting in which the activities occurred.
  3. Submit a letter of reference from a current employer validating the student’s professional performance. (A standardized form may be included in the portfolio packet received from the course  coordinator. This reference form must be the one used.)
  4. Pass an ATI content mastery exam for that course (if applicable) at proficiency level II or above.  

The completed portfolio may be submitted at any time during the academic school year. Allow a minimum of 3 months for the evaluation of the portfolio. If the portfolio is accepted for credit, a fee will be required prior to the awarding of credit for the course. If the portfolio is not accepted as presenting evidence necessary for course credit, the student will be required to complete the course. The decision of the course faculty will be final.

Time Limitation on LCN Nursing Courses

All clinical courses in the Lakeview College of Nursing program must be taken within a six-year period.  Those courses taken more than six years prior to a student’s graduation must be repeated.  This rule applies to ALL students of Lakeview College of Nursing, including those readmitted to the program after a dismissal, withdrawal, or leave of absence.