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Campus Safety

Lakeview College of Nursing strives to maintain a safe environment that is conducive to the learning process.  Campus safety assessment is on-going and on-campus crime is very low to almost nonexistent. A campus safety report is published annually and is available upon request to the President’s Office or within the consumer information section of the college website. 

Lakeview College of Nursing has several security cameras placed in locations throughout the Danville and Charleston campuses and parking lots are monitored by several employees.

Building Access – Key Fob System

Electronic key fobs are issued to students.  Key fobs are programmed with various access times to building and areas.

Responsibility and Control

The possession of a key fob to a college facility carries with it specific responsibilities.

  • Do not leave them unattended in any location where they may be exposed to unauthorized use or theft.
  • Do not loan key fob to anyone.
  • Do not identify key fob with Lakeview names or numbers. 
  • Do not use key fob to allow others in building.

Unauthorized sharing of key fobs for college buildings may result in disciplinary action.


  1. In the event of the loss or theft of any key fob, the Cashier must be notified within 24 hours by calling 217-709-0920.
  2. Once a key fob is reported lost or stolen:
    1. The key fob will be deactivated immediately.  A fee of $25.00 will be assessed for a replacement.
    2. If a key fob is found it should be turned into the Cashier immediately.    

Key Fob Return

  • Any unused, obsolete or no longer needed key fob must be returned to the Cashier.
  • Whenever a key fob holder leaves the college, an issued key fob must be returned immediately to the Cashier by the individual.
  • Failure to return key fobs will result in a $25.00 charge to the individual.  A hold will be put on the student’s account until the charge is cleared. 

A key fob will be deactivated immediately.


General Safety Precautions / Classroom

  1. Instructor leaving classroom is responsible for closing windows of the classroom, as well as the safe condition of the classroom.
  2. Do not leave money in your purses in any room. The College of Nursing is not responsible for loss or theft of personal property left in any room.
  3. LCN may ask law enforcement or other agencies to conduct interviews as deemed appropriate.
  4. Do not go out or enter fire exit doors.
  5. Wipe up any spills immediately so no one will slip or fall.
  6. LCN periodically sprays pesticides. If you are allergic, please contact 217-709-0920.


Please be aware of these methods of communication for timely warnings:

  • An e-mail message to all students, faculty and staff via their LCN -assigned e-mail address will provide more detailed information about an emergency or College closing.
  • Information will be available via College web-site and/or Facebook Page.
  • Information may be announced as deemed appropriate via WCIA-TV, WICD-TV, WIXY/WLRW/Oldies 95/Xtra 99 and, WAND-TV-

In addition, the SONIS text-messaging system that alerts subscribers, via their cell phones, to emergency situation or important communication.  The messages are short.  To know how to subscribe, or for additional information, please see the following Web page:\sonis.