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Tuition and Fees

Nursing education is an investment in your future, resulting in higher earning potential and greater career choices. Lakeview College of Nursing actively works to keep costs down while maintaining high standards.


$450 Per Credit Hour (part-time or full-time) Regardless of Residence or enrollment status [Cost Range for 1-17 hrs. = $450 - $7,650 per semester]

Course Fees1,2

$65 Per Credit Hour* [Cost Range for 1-17 hrs. = $65 - $1,105 per semester]

Testing Fee3 $115 per course
Lab Equipment Fee for N311, N312 and N321 $50 for each course
Clinical Placement Fee4 $10 per clinical course
Graduation Fee $185

Proficiency Examination Fee

$100 for Each Test

Portfolio Fee

$100 per Credit Hour

Audit Fee $50 per Credit Hour
Late Registration Fee $50
Late Payment Fee $50
Returned Check Fee $30
Lost of Misplaced Clinical ID Badge $25
Lost or Misplaced Key Fob $25
Parking Free

1Course Fees: Orientation, Technology, Simulation, Library, Student Activity Fee, Assessment, Health Record Maintenance, Student Malpractice Insurance, Facilities

2Please Note: (Charleston Students) LCN Charleston students are charged additional fees by Eastern Illinois University. Charleston students have access to several services offered by EIU (recreation center, computer labs, library, health services, union center, etc.) Charleston students must check their billing for fees through EIU's PAWS system. Students have access access to PAWS from EIU’s home page: or the PAWS website: . New students will need their EIU Net ID and Net Password in order to access PAWS. Following the Lakeview deadline to drop courses, Lakeview reimburses EIU $65 per credit hour (up to 12 credit hours per semester) for student fees reflected on EIU billing statement.  This reimbursement does not include any fees assessed by EIU for campus improvement, parking fees, library fees, etc.  A student will not be able to register for the next semester if they have an outstanding account with EIU.

3Testing Fee: ATI Nursing Education [Standardized Testing, Comprehensive Predictor, NCLEX-RN Live Review, Skills Modules, Video Case Studies, Drug Guide]

4Clinical Placement Fee: Clinical Agency Fee

Student Insurance Fee (Charleston Students): 

All inquiries related to EIU Student Insurance should be directed to the Student Insurance Office at EIU by calling 217-581-5290. Rate is established by EIU and is subject to change.

Other Expenses

Semester I (Courses 311, 312, 313, 314)


Includes: Books ($800)

Scrub Uniforms, White Coat, Shoes, Penlight, Watch with a second hand, Bandage scissors, Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff with Sphygmomanometer ($350)

Electronic device ($700) [Laptop - see required specs at].

Semester 2 (Courses 321, 322, 323, 324)


Includes: Books

Semester 3 (Courses 431, 432, 433, 434)


Includes: Books

Semester 4 (Courses 441, 442, 443, 444)


Includes: Books ($165)

Nursing License Costs: Fingerprinting, NCLEX Exam, Illinois Nursing License  ($350)

Travel to Clinical Sites

Optional Expenses (approximate costs)

Oto-Opthalmascope                                                                                                                                                                                $275
ACLS Certification  (cost set by private vendor; offered during semester 4)                                                                          $150
PALS Certification (cost set by private vendor; offered during semester 4)                                                                               $150


Please Note:

Books, equipment, etc. may be purchased through the Follett Bookstore at Danville Area Community College - 217-443-8759, the Eastern Illinois University Union Bookstore - 217-581-5821, or another vendor. Uniforms are purchased through a vendor, currently Star Uniform.