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Library/Computer Lab Environment

Finding A Book in the Danville Campus Libary

Finding An Article in the Danville Campus Library

Computer Lab

Photocopy Account


Library/Computer Lab Environment:

Students who are using the Danville Campus LCN Library and Computer Lab need to be able to do so in a quiet environment that allows them to focus on their coursework assignments. Violating the library’s posted rules (talking on cell phone, socializing, and talking too loud) will lead
to the following consequences:

First Violation - A student who violates the rules of the library/computer lab will receive a verbal warning. Should he/she continue with inappropriate behavior, they will be asked to leave the library/computer lab for the rest of the day. The student will be asked to show proof of who they
are with a LCN ID or driver’s license. The name(s) of the student(s) will be sent to the Dean of Nursing and this list will be distributed to faculty, staff and administration.

Second Violation - If a student, whose name is on the list of library/computer lab offenders, violates the rules of the library/computer lab for a 2nd time, he/she will be banned from the library and computer lab for one week. The name(s) of the student(s) will be sent to the Dean of
Nursing and recorded under a second violation column.

Third Violation - If a student, whose name is on the list of the library/computer lab 2nd time offenders, violates the rules of the library/computer lab a 3rd time, he/she will be banned from the library/computer lab for the rest of the semester.

How to find a book in the library:

  • Use the SHARE online catalog to find books and audio-visual materials.
  • Click on the card catalog icon on the main library page to use the catalog.
  • For example do a search for critical care in the "any keyword" field and you will get over 130 hits. Now on the right side you'll see a field for "limit to" drop that menu down, and choose "Lakeview College of Nursing Library" and the same search shrinks to close to 70 items. 
  • There are other searches that can be performed, please ask for assistance from the librarian whenever you need it.
  • Books can be checked out for 2 weeks with 1 renewal. Reference and Reserve items can NOT be checked out. 

Book Return:  Patrons may not check their own materials back in or re-shelve them.  All materials should be placed in the "Book Return" located outside the librarian's office .

How to find articles:

  • Two databases we have access to for searching nursing literature are CINAHL via EBSCOhost (Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature) and PubMed. For other please see the Resources page.

  • You can access CINAHL using the link to EbscoHost on the main library page.
    CINAHL provides indexing for 1,835 journals from the fields of nursing and allied health. The database contains more than 1,000,000 records dating back to 1982.

  • Access from outside of the computer lab is allowed, however you will need to use your username (First initial and last name e.g. jdoe) and the password "lcn followed by the last 6 of your social security number" or your email password if you have changed it from that default.

  • If you find a citation from a journal in CINAHL or PubMed which LCN does not own, the librarian can do an interlibrary loan request for you. Sometimes it takes an hour to receive the article and sometimes it takes over a week. So give yourself plenty of time to do your research, the library can create miracles for you, with advanced notice.

  • Journals can NOT be checked out, but you can make photocopies.

How to find audiovisual materials:

  • Half of LCN Library's DVD collection is cataloged in the SHARE online catalog, and the other half is not (yet). So the easiest way to find DVDs is by searching the titles in the binder located in the Librarian's office. We can also request videos and DVDs from other libraries.

  • DVDs may be checked out for 2 hours for "building use only."

Reserve Material:  Reserve material may be checked out for 2 hours for "Building use only."  Reference materials are not to be removed from the library.

Check Out for all Materials:  All books in the library have a checkout card located inside (most are just in the front cover), to check the items out put your name and today's date on the card and give it to the Librarian. If you want to check books out after hours or when the Librarian is not there, please leave the checkout card in the basket on her office door.

Computer Lab:
 An internet accessible computer lab is available for database/catalog searching, word processing, access to Edvance360, etc. Information about printing can be found here: https://www.lakeviewcol.edu/technology#printing. (Please view the printing tips I have created for LCN.) Loading or installation of any software/programs/games on hard drive is prohibited. In addition, any alteration of system settings or configuration is prohibited. 

Photocopy Account:
A self-serve copy machine is located in the Danville Campus Library. To log into the machine you need to use your keyfob or type your username/password. Students on the Danville Campus will receive 1000 free copies in the library and computer lab each semester.  Each side counts as 1 copy (i.e. double-sided copy = 2 total copies).  Once the 1000 copies are exceeded, you will still be able to print/copy, a fee of .05 cents per page at the end of the semester.  See the librarian if you have any trouble using the machine.

You have been given a unique user id for your email account. In most cases it is the first letter of your first name and your entire last name. For example John Smith would be jsmith. However if you have a hyphenated name, Jane Smith-Doe your user id would be jdoe. The password for both accounts is "lcn and the last 6 digits of your social security number". If you have any problems with your accounts please see me.

Miranda Shake, Library Director
email: mshake@lakeviewcol.edu
p: 217.709.0927
f: 217.709.0955