Tuition/Fees, Expenses & Refunds

Payment of Tuition and Fees



Tuition & Fees 2017-2018


$440 Per Credit Hour                   Regardless of Residence

[Cost Range for 1 - 17 hrs. = $440 - $7,480 per semester]

Course Fees1, 2

$65 Per Credit Hour

[Cost Range for 1 - 17 hrs. = $65 - $1,105]

Testing Fee3 $115 per course

Lab Equipment Fee for                         N201 and N210

$50 for each course

[$100 total for both courses]

Graduation Fee $185
Proficiency Exam Fee $100 for Each Test
Portfolio Fee $100 per Credit Hour
Late Registration Fee $50
Late Payment Fee $50
Returned Check Fee $30
Lost or Misplaced Clinical ID Badge $25
Lost or Misplaced Key Fob $25


1Course Fees:

Orientation, Technology, Simulation, Library, Student Activity Fee, Assessment, Health Record Maintenance, Student Malpractice Insurance, Facilities

2Please Note:  (Charleston Students) LCN Charleston students are charged additional fees by Eastern Illinois University.  Charleston students have access to several services offered by EIU (recreation center, computer labs, library, health services, union center, etc.)  Charleston students must check their billing for fees through EIU's PAWS system.  Students have access to PAWS from EIU's home page: or the PAWS website:  New students will need their EIU Net ID and Net Password to accesss PAWS.  Following the Lakeview deadline to drop courses, Lakeview reimburses EIU $65 per credit hour (up to 12 credit hours per semester) for student fees reflected on EIU billing statement.  This reimbursement does not include any fees assessed by EIU for campus improvement, parking fees, library fees, etc.  A student will not be able to start the next semester if they have an outstanding account with EIU.

3Testing Fee:  ATI Nursing Education [Standardized Testing, Comprehensive Predictor, NCLEX-RN Live Review, Skills Modules, Video Case Studies, Drug Guide]

Student Insurance Fee (Charleston students):  All inquiries related to EIU Student Insurance should be directed to the Student Insurance Office at EIU by calling 217-581-5290.  The rate is established by EIU and is subject to change.


Other Expenses

Semester I $2,100
Includes: Books, Uniform* (see clinical dress code below), Pen light, Watch with a second hand, Bandage scissors, Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Cuff with Sphygmomanometer, Digital Thermometer, Electronic Device (Laptop or other.  See specs at
Semester II $800
Includes: Books
Semester III $500
Includes: Books
Semester IV $900
Includes: Books, Cost for NCLEX-RN State Licensing Fees, & Fingerprinting

Optional Expense

Oto-Opthalmascope $275.00

All students are to purchase a student uniform through the vendor specified by Lakeview College of Nursing according to these specifications.

Please Note:
Books, equipment, etc. may be purchased through the Danville Area Community College Bookstore, 217-443-8759 or the Eastern Illinois University Union Bookstore, 217-581-5821.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Accounts are payable in full on or before the date specified on the semester invoice. Semester course schedules and student account invoices will be mailed 4-6 weeks prior to the start of each semester and will indicate courses and total charges for tuition and fees (also available on SONIS Web). Failure to pay in full and/or to demonstrate approved financial aid coverage before the date specified on the semester invoice will result in an automatic drop of all courses.

Students seeking additional information regarding tuition payment plans should check with the Cashier and/or Financial Aid Office. This means when you register for classes with the Lakeview College of Nursing Director of Enrollment/Registrar, a bill will be generated that will reflect tuition and fees for the upcoming semester(s) registered. Payment will be due on the date specified on the semester invoice. If payment has not been received prior to that date, on that date you will be dropped from enrollment in your class(es). Students may re-enroll in classes with permission of the instructor and payment, or arrangements for payment, of tuition and fees with a late payment fee being assessed  (Please check the Academic Calendar for specific dates and fees).  It is important to pre-register for an upcoming semester during the time designated for pre-registration. This enables you to determine your educational costs and need to seek financial aid early enough to make payment due dates.

All fiscal obligations must be cleared prior to registration for a subsequent term and prior to graduation on both campuses.

You should be aware that until your fees are paid in full we will not allow you to register for next semester classes and, therefore, not attend class or clinical. All financial obligations and EIU obligations must be met. This situation can jeopardize your successful progression towards your goal for graduation. Outstanding fees for graduating seniors must be paid prior to graduation. Failure to make restitution will result in a holding of the student's diploma, transcripts, and Certification of Education form sent to the State by the College which allows you to sit for the NCLEX examination.

Financial obligations may be met through direct payment, scholarships, grants, loans or payment plans. Information about financial assistance may be obtained from the College Financial Aid Office.  Any funding source received on the student’s behalf, and processed by Lakeview College of Nursing, shall first be applied to any outstanding current balance of the direct cost of tuition, fees and books. 

Students can demonstrate the ability to pay tuition and fees in one of the following methods:

  • Payment in full prior to the start of classes by the specified billing deadline.
  • Authorized (completed and verified file) financial aid and/or scholarship award at a level to fully cover tuition and fee costs.
  • Authorized third party pay.
  • Utilization of the FACTS tuition payment plan secured by specific billing deadline.

Any outstanding balance owed by students for tuition, fees, and books, after the funding source has been exhausted, may be paid to Lakeview via the student FACTS payment agreement and/or cash, check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.  Students must maintain prompt monthly payments to be eligible for continued payments via FACTS.

To sign up for FACTS fill out the form located on their website, Please make sure you know your balance due and student ID number before filling out the form. Please contact Kim Hunt at 217-709-0922 or if you have any questions.

Students must keep current with fiscal responsibilities and follow financial aid guidelines if utilizing this resource.  Students must use financial aid for semester intended.  (e.g. It is not possible for students to use fall loan monies for the summer semester). 

A Lakeview College of Nursing student who has a balance through Lakeview or EIU, will not be permitted to register for a subsequent term until the student has demonstrated the ability to pay through one of the methods listed.

Any Lakeview College of Nursing student who has a hold on their account will not be allowed to register for the upcoming semester until all holds are removed. Examples of holds on an account might be due to outstanding fines, financial aid exit interview, writing composition requirement, updated transcript submission, missing records, judicial affairs, or EIU holds for Charleston campus students.


Except for Scholarship Awards, requests for refunds of tuition and mandatory fees are made through the Cashier's Office and forwarded to the Business Office for approval. The term "refund" is defined as the cancellation of an unpaid obligation as well as an actual refund of an amount previously paid. Appeals of denials of refunds may be made to the College President.  However, please keep in mind that students may NOT appeal a refund of federal or state financial aid due to withdrawal grades.

A student who has registered for a course (this includes on-line courses) and officially withdraws from the course in accordance with established College procedures shall receive a refund as follows:

  1. Duplicate or Overpayments - Refunds will be made in cases of duplicate payments or overpayments.
  2. Other Fees and Charges - Except for course fees, all other fees and charges are non-refundable.
  3. 100% Refund - If the initiation and completion of the withdrawal is made through the Director of Enrollment/Registrar by Noon as follows:  by the end of the 2nd class week within a 16 week semester; by the end of the 1st week of class for summer session; and by the Monday following the 1st class meeting for weekend format courses. 
  4. No Refund will be given for withdrawals made after the deadlines stated above. 
  5. Military Benefits - Special Circumstances: A soldier ordered into service by the Government will need to speak with the Business Office.
  6. Aid in excess of your statement of accounts will be refunded to you once the funds are received from the federal government.  Refund checks are generally available 30 days after the start of classes each semester.  Students should come prepared to meet their school/living expenses prior to issuance of refund checks.  Emergency loans will not be issued at any time.
  7. Private Loan Funds are received electronically by the College and posted directly to the student’s statement of account.  In case of a credit balance, a refund will be generated. 

Financial Aid Implications - Withdrawal refund policy for student financial aid funds will be in compliance with regulations for Return of Funds of Title IV awards. The Financial Aid Office will determine the amount of aid "earned" versus the "unearned" amount according to the date of total withdrawal and the number of days of instruction in the semester. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more details regarding this policy.