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Medical Emergency / Injury / Illness

In case of an emergency/injury/illness:

  • Summon help by calling 911 (8-911 from a College telephone). Be prepared to provide address, location and incident description, including:
    • What is the chief complaint?
    • What is the sex and approximate age of the victim?
    • How many victims are involved?
    • Is the victim conscious?
    • Is the victim breathing?
    • Does the victim have a pulse?
    • Is there severe bleeding?
  • Do not move an injured person unless absolutely necessary to prevent additional injury. If the victim must be moved, pull the body lengthwise. When lifting a victim, support each section of the body so “jackknifing” does not occur.
  • Make the victim as comfortable as possible until professional help arrives. Reassure him help is on the way.
  • Cover the victim with a blanket or coat to keep the victim warm.
  • If there is no breathing or pulse; begin mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or CPR, if trained to do so.
  • If vomiting occurs in an unconscious person; turn the victim to one side to prevent choking.
  • To stop bleeding, apply pressure and elevate (if bleeding from an extremity). NOTE: Attempt to use or wear some type of personal protective equipment (i.e., rubber gloves, protective barriers, etc.).
  • If shortness of breath occurs, elevate the head.
  • Clear the room of all non-essential people; send someone to meet the ambulance and direct rescue personnel to your location.


Multiple victims? Their collective presence may indicate continuing danger.

  • Approach with caution, and evaluate your surroundings.
  • Is the scene/environment safe? If there is any doubt, don’t approach. You may become the next victim.


NOTE: Body fluids (i.e., blood, vomit, etc.) spills should be cleaned up by LCN’s building service workers, who are trained to handle the cleanup safely. Please keep yourself and others away from spilled fluid.

After an emergency has been resolved, an accident form must be completed.   The Incident Form is available on the website.